About the Author

"My passion and impetus to write has been in existence since birth. I pursued adolescence in the shadow of Ian Fleming’s ‘Bond’; survived my teens in the company of John D. MacDonald’s ‘McGee’; and grew to adulthood under the guidance of Robert B. Parker’s ‘Spenser’. My infatuation with literature’s lethal lotharios, including Spade and Marlowe, is as innate as it is undeniable, and is much of not only who I’ve become, but of who I’ve come to encapsulate within my writings. I hope I have done my predecessor’s proud, and that the legends will continue to mentor and wax immortal within my written prose and pages. Please enjoy, for it is truly a writers only silent ovation!"

-- Curtis J. Hopfenbeck

"One of the 5 Best Books of the Year!" GQ Magazine

"One of the Top 10 Books You Must Read!" Voice Of The Youth

"Best light fiction book this year! Brilliant! Read it!" Virginia Macari ~ The Haute News

Coming Soon - "The Diamond Paradigm" - The second in the 'Shadoe' series. Due for release in Spring of 2016.